Living the Sacred Way


Written by Sherrie Locke, 28 October 2018, 9 No’j

One must make a commitment to a way of life. Stay focused on the vision.

This is what brings the energy and the people that share the experience. There is strength in numbers and shared vision.

It takes years of trial and error, success and failure, both personal challenges that lead to growth and challenges in learning with whom we work in harmony. Also to learn about conflict, which is a predecessor to any creation. For out of chaos comes order and refinement of vision. Then we are at a vantage point, correct alignment and only then will the proper action be revealed. It is our responsibility to act upon it.

Thus refining the skill sets, expanding the vision and developing  unique individual expression – which contributes to the greater whole. Be it music, art, education one has to offer… (the list can go on and on to encompass several more blog posts by this author). The principle is to focus on our strengths and utilize the potential of each individual that contributes OR benefits from our efforts, even if all we get in return is a heart felt Thank You.

I felt directed to write this post today as many of you are facing life changing opportunities, possibly seen by you as impossible challenges. I ask you on this day to sit still, to quiet your mind, to tune into your heart and then focus on the beauty around you, the miracles that occur around you on a daily basis. The fact that this life is a blessing and it is always your choice in which energies you participate and thus bring forward into the manifestation of your future.

Do you choose love? Do you choose happiness? Are you feeling empowered and driven? Are you willing to make the changes required to have these dynamics in your life from this day forward?

If your answer is yes to this inquiry then you already know the level of dedication that is required to implement the daily disciplines that are necessary to stay in a focused state, with a clear head and a pure heart. To be in a state of gratitude and awe at the beauty and splendor of your life, YOUR creation. Be it a breakthrough or a lesson that benefits you to better understand yourself and others. You are the author of your story, make sure you edit accordingly so it is a model for your life and an inspiration for yourself others.

Blessings, Love and Light… S.L. 2018

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