Esoteric versus Exoteric Psychic Readings

Written by Sherrie Locke on 10 Vulture, January 2014

There is a gaping chasm between “Esoteric” and “Exoteric” psychic and Tarot readings and readers, even between modes of divination and Tarot decks. If you don’t already know the difference I will explain here.

Psychic readings may be esoteric or exoteric. This applies to Tarot card readings as well as all other kinds of psychic readings.

Esoteric means something that is meant for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest. Exoteric means something intended for or likely to be understood by the general public.

So now that you have the definitions, this is how it works in the world of psychic readers. Most are “exoteric” readers who may have even developed skills as a mind reader or have become an expert in body language (tell me what good that will do you).

You might get “what you want to hear” or not, but these people are reading from their own base of the collective consciousness (for God’s sake!). They will likely ask you for your full name, birth date and possibly even your mother’s first name. I have even come across Tarot and psychic readers who make you fill out an application! They are not doing psychic readings, they are just giving their opinion. And not likely even good counseling.

I worked with an engineer from Bulgaria for a few years. His question/response when we were considering taking on a patient, a client or another team member, would be “how big is their swimming pool?” This translates into what do they look like (physically) and what type of environment do they live in? Who and what do they attract? Are they successful in their chosen field? What do their clients look like before and after?

You won’t always have time to do this type of investigation, but I will tell you that you can take one look at a person and tell how they are running energy. And if they are wearing a floral print dress with a three-foot-wide ass, I would say they are not doing very well. And you should run the other way or become subject to their opinions, racism or religious beliefs all piled up in a story that vaguely resembles your life.

They almost always advertise.

Think twice, and be mindful. If a healer is running energy properly and is an open channel, you are not likely to see a lot of physical ailments or too many things out of whack. I’m just sayin.

Esoteric Psychic Readers

On the flip side, there are a few really good “esoteric” readers around, they are no longer all in secret. Though many of them have been trained in those types of environments as well as in jungles and in indigenous cultures from around the world, they are mostly known as shamans and diviners and are held in very special esteem and localized to their respective “areas” or tribes.

Esoteric versus exoteric psychic readings, what's the difference?

They can read you like yesterday’s newspaper in a glance, know who you are, where you came from, what brought you here and likely your mother’s first name, which tribe you are from and your intention even when it is not clear to you (though they would never tell you).
An esoteric psychic or tarot reader may appear in your life from a call you have put out to the Universe, or be mentioned to you at some critical juncture. Take heed and seek this line of information. It will likely be more valuable to you on your path than you may even know, sometimes for years to come. I have had this experience.

A good reader will want no information from you at the beginning. *I always tell new clients when they want to give me info, “Please don’t. I don’t want to know anything about you before the reading.” Nothing. The less the better.

When the reading begins (in sacred space, see my post about Sacred Space) first the aura appears. Then the connection held in that sacred space will flow like a river. The reader, shaman or healer is then in tune with your higher self, actually in oneness, with the source of the consciousness that is your true self. Then real communication begins and the soul pours forth what the being sitting in it needs to hear, be it words, music, energy or myriad other frequencies that we are then able to open ourselves to and be transformed by. How great is that?

So the purpose of an esoteric psychic or tarot reading is to find out what your SOUL wants for your current incarnation at this juncture, who certain people are in this life and what purpose in your life they serve. Sometimes that is tied in with a past life or many of them, though I find that in “this” time/space/dimension on Earth it is more about what we are preparing ourselves for or becoming that is the important information, rather than where we have been (with the exception of the dynamics of your ancestry, which can be very potent at this time in the history of planet Earth, just look at the “Idle No More” movement.)

For more about this topic, see Esoteric and Exoteric Psychic Readings.

If you are ready to give up on, “does he like me?’” and “is this relationship…blah blah blah,” you might want to ask your Self what it might like to know and then put the call out to the Universe, and the right person will show up in your path for you to access the information that is rightfully yours.

Note: this can also be done through discipline, meditation and years of introspective study, but hey, these days who has all that time, right? The time has come that the sages and diviners who were hidden away and protected by their clans and tribes are now out in the world and are accessible for those who seek their highest manifestation in this incarnation.

SL 2014

My Psychic Transformation: A Switch Flipped

One summer on our usual visit to grandma’s house, my cousins and I had been playing in the “forbidden” Fountain Creek (pronounced “crick” in parts of the States) behind her house. We were not allowed to do that due to the risk of flash flooding in the summer rainy season, but we did it anyway, confident that we would be the winners in any potential disaster because the three of us, John, Jeff and I “knew everything” and if it was dangerous, we would know by checking our FM. If it was safe that day, we just “knew.” We always checked the vibe, but usually the only looming scary thing was being caught by grandma, who knew all along exactly where the three of us were. We collected gems, stones and investigated everything, “native” style.

Somewhere that summer, I was bitten by a tick and contracted Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Needless to say I was down for the count and a medical (allopathic) doctor was called.

I was about seven or eight years old. I went down, and my aunts, mom and grandmother put a bed in the middle of the living room and sat with me in a circle for days. I had a fever of 104 degrees plus, so they put ice packs on me and sat and crocheted or watched a program on TV, while I was delirious with fever. I saw every relative that ever was in the tribe…they came and spoke to me while I could barely hear my aunts saying something like, “I wonder who she is talking to now? You think it’s…?”

They all glowed, the people I saw while in this state. I could see the connection between them all and their interactions, both verbal and non-verbal. There were beings all around me with my mom, aunts and grandmother, everyone in perfect harmony. I was not afraid, but I was higher than a kite. The doctor had given me some powerful drugs.

After several days I came back to life, almost literally, and was able to answer certain questions I was asked about my travels, interactions with long gone relatives and what I saw from the “other side.” Everyone in the family kept saying, “Welcome back.”
There was a distinct after effect of this episode: I could not turn it off! I kept waiting for it to fade away or return to being random but no, no way, it was full on, auras on everything, even things. People on whom I turned my attention would glow.

I thought wow, this must be what they are talking about when people take drugs (lots of them) or something. I thought the drugs the doctor gave me had altered me in some way. Now I know my neurotransmitters had shifted because of the fever and the biological shift, never to return to their previous state.

After that, new fun began in earnest.

My Early Training in Astrology and Yoga

Sherrie Locke, 11 Tzi,  February 2014

I’ll start at home in Dallas, Texas. During the school year, my mom and I were always “tuned” in on a daily basis and practiced telepathy. My mom has had a diversified range of metaphysical interests all her life too, so I guess that’s where I got it.

One of my favorite games when I was small was “Amazing Kreskin,” a psychic testing and development game (I’m not kidding, you can’t make this stuff up.) That’s all I wanted to play, so I could get better and better at it.  I have always been like that, thus the later indulgences in paranormal organizations and psychic research organizations. I love to be tested and use my skills in a research environment!

Back to mom…so when she attended classes (and she chose well), they were good ones.

Astrology Class
When I was very young, my mother, who was a pretty good superficial astrologer at the time, decided she wanted to learn more, so she attended a series of classes with the very famous Rosicrucian astrologer A. Leroy Simmons in Dallas, Texas.  I used to stare at his incredible aura when he was teaching the group, his light was so bright, I had never seen anything like it

Since I was always with my mom, I attended the advanced astrology courses with her, either staring at the teacher watching his aura morph, or many times falling asleep on a couple of chairs or even under the table, while this man wrote endlessly on a chalk board and answered question after question.

It was cool in the fact that in a couple of years study (it was an ongoing course), mom got to use my chart and the family charts for all the research, so not only did I learn things I was interested in about the family (which we discussed at length at home), but I also got the added bonus of my chart being a subject of interest because I have an unusual chart, which was used as class material and which we also discussed at length at home.  I also had the opportunity to see the energy around people I had not been previously exposed to, people with a passion for metaphysics and, as I learned later, were likely into other disciplines too.

It’s amazing that years later I still retain so much of the teaching of that incredible soul A. LeRoy Simmons, and as a matter of fact it forged a powerful bond with Nevada Hudson (matriarch of the psychic fairs and president of the Fort Worth and North Texas Astrological Society) and my mom and I, since we all knew him and studied with this great master. My mother was invited to attend further advanced studies at the Rosicrucian headquarters in California, but my father was having none of it.

That started my interest in the teachings of elders other than my first nation elders. (I was maybe five or six to about age eight.)

I attended my mom’s first yoga class with her at age eight. It was a class with Kumar of India in Dallas, Texas. He later became a Dallas icon and only left this Earth last year in 2013 after teaching yoga well into his nineties and opening one of the first vegetarian cafes in an area of Dallas known as Oak Lawn, “The Cosmic Cup.”

How this pertains to my psychic development is simple: the very first question I asked him when we met the first time was, “What is the proper breathing they are referring to in Hindu texts?” I think he was a bit stunned, and I suddenly became the yoga kid that got to do all the fun “flags” and other postures due to the fact I was in dance academy and was familiar with postures and routines.

I wanted to know about the breathing so I could access altered states of consciousness.

And yes, he told me.

My Pueblo Heritage

Sherrie Locke, 3 Ik,  January  2014

Some people ask me how I know for sure I have the blood of the pueblo people running through my veins. For starters, we are all nearsighted (ever noticed how many pueblo people wear glasses?), all psychic and all see auras.

To begin we must go back a long time. In my case, the year 1570. In that year, my Spanish ancestors made it all the way to northern New Mexico.

They, of course, wanted to interbreed with my beautiful female ancestors, but the pueblo women (and other first nation women) were considered to be livestock by the Spaniards (this is true, check your history), without a human soul. So the way around that “problem” was to baptize the women into the Catholic Church, after which they were considered appropriate “wives” for breeding, service and so on.

Santa Clara Corn Dance

Therefore, my family has the records of every baptism, marriage, birth and death (well most of the deaths) from the year 1570 to the present in my matriarchal lineage, all there in print. I have several family members on both sides of my matriarchal clan who continue to do research with great success (thanks to the Catholic Church, they keep good records.) But as of yet, there is no “degree of Indian blood” (that’s what the official paper is called) or Department of Interior card for any of us, even though grandpa was born at Santa Clara pueblo.


My New Blog about Psychic Readings and Tarot Card Readings

Hi Everyone,

Today I am initiating my new blog!  I plan on bringing you diverse and eclectic info about psychic readings, tarot readings, aura readings, sacred sites with psychic properties and other exclusive information from the land of the Maya for your perusal and enjoyment. Blessings!