The Waxing Moon: First Quarter Lunar Phase

Written by Sherrie Locke on 3 Tijax, July 2014

This is the second in a four -part series on the lunar cycles and how to optimize their energies.

Waxing moon means the moon is “increasing” towards full moon. Just as the increase suggests, this is an optimum time for forward progress in any realm, be it health, business, the search for knowledge or simply self-improvement.

Lunar phases such as the quarter moon are based on the waxing and waning of the moon.

Waxing First Quarter Moon

Overall, we are in the astrological sign of Cancer (according to Western tropical house astrology). In the northern hemisphere, we are in the element of FIRE; in the southern hemisphere, the element of EARTH. That means us northern folks need to focus on “right ACTION” or “correct” action. For you southern folks south of the equator, the element has to do with “right RECEIVING” or “correct” receiving.

The Meaning of the Waxing Moon

Any way you look at it, passive or aggressive, it all has to do with moving forward, whether in activities or experiencing the fruits of that labor. Was it a labor of love? Did you let go of what does not serve you sufficiently before this lunar phase began? Are you prepared to move forward? The more you let go, the easier the next cycle will be. It’s a rhythm.

The current rhythm is increase.

Whether you are north or south of the equator, wherever you are on the earth, what we have as a constant is the progression of the lunar cycle. We all have a new moon at the same time, we all have the same waxing, full and waning moon.

The moon rules our emotions, biorhythms and tides for the planet herself as well as for each of us. Getting “in rhythm” attunes you and even “shows” you what is happening and what (maybe) you might do to align.

I used to teach classes on lunation cycles, which I learned about from my grandmother Tafoya. We wanted to know how to get our hair to grow faster, and when the best time to cut our hair to make it grow long.

The answer is no less than two days “after” the new moon through first quarter until about three days prior to the full moon, and yes, it works. If you want to keep a hairstyle longer or slow growth, you would cut it around the dark of the moon or on the fourth quarter lunar phase. And yes, this also works.

The Lunar Cycle

This knowledge leads to other conversations about the lunar cycle. I find the almanac to be helpful, since many things also jive with “planting cycles.

When you begin at the new moon, the momentum of your intention(s) gains strength during the waxing moon. Sure we have other influences, and yes, we are passionate (or emotional) about what we want. So optimize this waxing moon first by staying positive and focused on what I call “prime directive.” This lunar phase may produce a single step toward your goal or a giant leap forward into that goal. It all depends on how much you have cleared prior to your quantum leap.

Remember we are all in this ocean together, and the moon rules the tides of that ocean, now and forever. Learn the rhythms and go with that flow. At a later juncture I will post an article on using the moon and its placement in the sky on a daily basis. She will even tell you if what you are thinking and feeling is increasing or decreasing. She will tell you when to leap and when to let go. We’ll get to that.

In closing I will reiterate: We are in a period of increase. When increase occurs, it happens in all realms. So be sure that what you put your attention to you want more, cos you are gonna GET more of whatever you are focused on.

Are you “on it,” or do you need to make some adjustments? You have about a week to go until full moon.

Make this time productive, stay positive, and you will have positive results.

~SL 2014


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